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Your dog will learn to respond and respect when you say “no.” He will immediately stop what he is doing and give you his full attention so that you can correct the inappropriate behavior and learn what it is you want him to do. This step will also prevent your dog from going back to previous bad habits and keep him from picking up additional bad behaviors. Your dog will learn and maintain good manners in all situations.

The following is a sample list of behaviors we can help you change:

  • JUMPING on people, children, furniture, doors, windows, countertops, beds, etc.
  • CHEWING on furniture, carpeting, shoes, clothing, children’s toys, plants, shrubs, trees, house (inside or out), drapes, blinds, etc.
  • DIGGING in the yard, flowerbeds, on carpeting or furniture, etc.
  • STEALING food, clothes, shoes, children’s toys, etc.
  • SCRATCHING people, doors, windows, furniture, carpeting, etc.
  • DOOR CRASHING by entering or exiting your home or yard without permission
  • BOUNDARY TRAINING teaches your dog to stay in the boundaries of your yard, out of the flowerbeds, and/ or to stay in or out of certain rooms in your home
  • GARBAGITIS prevention stops your dog from getting into the garbage, inside or outdoors
  • RUNNING AWAY prevention teaches your dog not to run away and he also learns to stay within a certain radius around you both inside and out of doors
  • CAR MANNERS are important for teaching your dog to ride and be still and also he should learn to enter or exit your car with permission only
  • MAKE A FRIEND is where your dog learns to approach a new person with permission only. He will approach in a calm manner and will automatically sit or lie down at their feet to be petted. This command ensures your dog will allow other people (such as friends, neighbors, children, strangers, veterinarians, dog groomers, etc.) to pet him without fear of unexpected nipping or biting.


There is no such thing as a dog that cannot be trained!

Obedience training involves teaching your dog to listen to you when you speak to him or her, to respond immediately to those requests, around any and all distractions with respectful enthusiasm!

Successful lifetime obedience is obtained by training your dog to want to listen and respond to you because he or she knows it will please you and be rewarded by verbal and physical praise. Your dog really wants to please you but they must understand exactly what you expect and desire from them. Your ability to communicate with your dog is the key to your success. If you don’t know how to relate to your pet and train him or her, then any and all of your efforts will be wasted.

Professional, effective, and positive training will result in a well behaved, well mannered and happy pet with equally happy pet owners. Any and all dogs can be properly and well trained to listen to you despite any and all previous or future problems if you know how to successfully communicate with them in a clear positive manner.

There is no such thing as a dog that cannot be trained! It’s just a matter of knowing how to communicate with your pet in a way that he or she clearly understands what you want and expect of them. In the same respect, you’ll never be able to read if you don’t first learn the alphabet. It’s just that simple!


I give you my personal guarantee that no matter what the situation, we can successfully change the outcome of your dog’s overall behavior to suit your individual needs and desires. Your pet can be taught to know exactly what you want and to behave in the manner that you expect as long as they clearly know and understand what you want. Your dog’s basic personality and lifelong ambition is to please you and all they really want in return is your love and praise. Knowing this and understanding this fact about your dog is the beginning of you being able to communicate with your pet in a consistently effective positive manner. A dog can only be trained to the extent of the trainer’s ability to train. You can’t repair your car’s engine if you don’t know how to raise the hood!”

As a professional trainer, I am passionately committed and dedicated, with God given talent, to help you with your pet regardless of any and all needs, expectations or problems. Whether you need a little help or a lot of help, All Breed Dog Training and our staff is prepared, experienced and lovingly dedicated to you and your pet! I guarantee to you that you will not find a better trainer with more experience, knowledge and understanding of how to accomplish what you desire for your pet. I can also promise you that every service we provide for you, as our customer, will be the best that you will ever receive.

A Lifetime Guarantee backs all of the training and services we provide. This guarantee insures to you that we will always and forever be willing, able and qualified to meet all of our needs, and we will always be available to you! The reason that we do compassionately remain devoted to you and your pet is because of our desire to make sure that you have and maintain a lifelong positive, loving, relaxed and joyful experience with your pet that we know you love with all your heart!

We are here and always will be here for you to make sure that your relationship with your pet is the best it can be! We offer our services and devotion to you because your pet deserves the best and we know how much you love your pet. We are here solely to insure that you and your pet will forever be the best of friends and have the relationship possible and to maximize all the potential available.

The motivation of our devotion is LOVE, and as we all know, “With LOVE, all things are possible, and NOTHING is impossible.”


Lifetime Guarantee


  • “Wish I had known about this much sooner – fantastic miracle worker!”

    ~ Paula D. Rushing