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*We do not offer group-training classes because we know that group classes, away from your home, are not effective enough to give you the results that we know you want and need. We only want to offer you the best for your pet and your family.

Why All Breed Dog Training  Does Not Offer Group Training

Excellence and Effectiveness is all we offer, no less!! We did offer group classes for many years, and as a result we noticed that it was difficult and inconvenient for people to get home from work, get their dog in the car, especially in bad weather, travel across town, work with their dog, then drive all the way back home, and still be left with the daunting task of still having to train their dog at home. This means the owner has already spent at least 3 – 4 hours training and transporting their dog and not one second has been spent on teaching their dog to mind at home. When you do finally get home with your dog, you’re already exhausted and by the time you get around to training your dog at home, from what you learned in class, you’ve forgotten some of what you learned and since the family dynamic is so different from the group class environment, a lot of the training that you have learned is not useful or effective at home.*

We Train In Home

In your home, with your normal environment is where your dog will be and it only makes since to train him or her in the place where they will be most of the time. Effective socialization with other dogs can be done with your neighbor’s and relative’s dogs and/or at a local park.

Committed to You and Your Dog

All Breed Dog Training is committed to you and your dog and we are dedicated to giving you the best training available and we stand behind our training with a Lifetime Guarantee. We are the only dog training company in this region that guarantees our training, especially for the lifetime of your pet! We offer a Lifetime Guarantee because we want all of our customers to know that they can call us at anytime and we will be there to assist them in any way we can. We are truly dedicated and devoted to you and your pet and making sure that your relationship with your dog is enjoyable, rewarding, pleasant, and most of all a lifelong loving friendship, free of problems and worries. We desire for you and your family to have the best relationship with your dog that is possible and we do this with God’s gift and knowledge that inspires us compassionately everyday with every animal He brings our way.

Lifetime Guarantee


  • “Wish I had known about this much sooner – fantastic miracle worker!”

    ~ Paula D. Rushing