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We offer an effective and to easy-to-follow housebreaking procedure that is designed to prevent your dog from having “mistakes” in your home. Your dog learns to respect your entire home and to wait until you decide to let him outside to eliminate.

cats and dogs getting along in home

While there are various conflicting theories and philosophies on the subject of housebreaking, our system is simple and it works! Regardless of your schedule, lifestyle, existing situation, or previous problems, we can help you fix the problem of your pet eliminating in your home. You will be amazed at how really simple it is to successfully housebreak your dog.


Some owners wish for their small dog to eliminate in a litter box. While litter box training can be more difficult and time consuming, we can also train your dog to be successful with it. Just give us your expectations, and we can provide you with a program that is custom suited for your individual needs with guarantee results.


Contact us today and let us begin to properly housebreak your new puppy or stop the old behaviors of your adult dog. We will help you begin a new journey that stops the worry and frustration of housebreaking mistakes and insures the quality of living that you desire with your pet. Our training is always guaranteed!

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  • “Absolutely fabulous! Smart, quick, and easy – Loved it and the trainer. Thanks!”

    ~ Cynthia McEwen