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Listed below is a summary of services available and a description of each. If you don’t find what you need, it is still available, just contact us and let us know the specifics of what you want and I’m sure we can help you.

    Your dog learns to walk with you on a leash without pulling, dragging, or crossing back and forth in front of or behind you. He will leisurely walk with you or heel closely at your side, whichever you prefer.
  • SIT and STAY
    Your dog will sit immediately with a gentle voice command and hand signal. He will stay in that position until you release him.
  • COME
    Your dog will come to you immediately from a minimum of 100 feet. He will learn not to become distracted and will automatically sit down at your feet and wait for you to release him.
  • DOWN and STAY
    Your dog will lie down and stay in that position for up to an hour or until you release him.
    A control center is a designated spot or place where you can send your dog when you need space. This spot is considered his special area in your home or yard where he can relax or play with toys just as long as he stays put. A control center might be in the family room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. and can be utilized when you have visitors or when chaotic situations arise where you need your pet out of the way. Dog beds are also good control centers because they are moveable, and your dog can be trained to go to there regardless of where you place it.
    It is an especially good idea to have a control center in your yard when you have outdoor activities and would like for your dog to be there, but not involved in the activity. Example: You are having playtime in the yard with children or a cookout with friends and you would prefer your dog remain on the back porch. A control center allows your pet to be part of the family event, but not interfering or annoying your company. When in his control center, your dog has freedom to stand, sit, lie down, play with his toys, or relax and sleep. This area can also be used by your dog when he chooses to have quiet time. A control center is a comfort zone for your pet as well.

Lifetime Guarantee


  • “It’s amazing how much they’ve learned in one day! Great!!”

    ~ Lara White


  • "Excellent training & I would recommend this training to anyone. I really appreciate Candy's persistence."

    ~ Richard A. Hunt

  • "Absolutely fabulous! Smart, quick, and easy - Loved it and the trainer. Thanks!"

    ~ Cynthia McEwen

  • "Great job. 100% change in her behavior."

    ~ Dina L. Jackson

  • "Wish I had known about this much sooner - fantastic miracle worker!"

    ~ Paula D. Rushing

  • "It's amazing how much they've learned in one day! Great!!"

    ~ Lara White

  • "Very quick progress and remarkable outcome. I am most pleased."

    ~ Diane Holton

  • "I was totally amazed at the results."

    ~ Nancy Smith

  • Thank you again for your assistance and taking your time to entertain our staff and our residents.”

    ~ Manager: Beverly W. Holley

  • I found her to have strong Christian values and would highly recommend her as a trainer.” 

    ~ Shirley Patton

  • “Thank you very, very much for training Sparkle for me. As you know, I would not have been able to keep her without the training because she is so energetic. She is still very active at home, but controllable and is a totally different dog when she knows she is working.

    ~ Betty Anderson

  • "Candy Crawford has exceeded all expectations as a Security Consultant for our company. It is our opinion that Candy Crawford has the qualifications, skills and experience necessary to do an excellent job in Security for your company.

    ~ Michael Parker


Professional, dedicated dog training with over 44 years of effective behavior modification. We guarantee the results of our training to take care of all your special needs. In addition to behavioral dog training, we have trained dogs for United Artists, MGM, and TV Commercials and Movies