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We teach your dog to protect you and your family members. You will rest easier knowing you are safe from crime in your home, place of business, or while riding in your car. By offering different levels of protection training, depending on your needs, your dog learns to respond to certain voice commands whenever you have a concern. He will also recognize and act appropriately to suspicious activities in general.

owner with guard dog

This instruction does not change your dog’s basic personality and good disposition; rather your dog learns when to become protective and will respond to those situations in such a way that deters criminals. A protection trained dog prevents you from becoming a target or a victim of a crime.

*Protection and guard dogs are also available for sale or lease for your home or business.


“Candy Crawford has exceeded all expectations as a Security Consultant for our company. It is our opinion that Candy Crawford has the qualifications, skills and experience necessary to do an excellent job in Security for your company.Candy Crawford has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of Security training, protection and crime prevention. The protection dogs she provided for our business were well trained and secured our business totally from crime and potential theft.

Candy Crawford not only provided us with highly trained protective dogs, she also exceeded our expectations by patrolling and providing surveillance which was a over and beyond the job she was paid to do. She sopped our crime problem for the entire 6 months that she provided services to us. We would be enthusiastic to use her services again if ever needed and would highly recommend All Breed to anyone who needs Security Services.
Candy Crawford was reliable, trustworthy and dependable. She has wonderful people skills and worked closely with key personnel.

Candy Crawford not only secured our business, but also spent many extra hours to secure our location.

We believe that she possesses the qualifications, the desire, experience and character necessary to be a highly successful member of your security team. It is for these reasons I would like to recommend Candy Crawford with All Breed for Security Services for your company.”

-Michael Parker
Tri Star Management, Inc.

Lifetime Guarantee


  • “I was totally amazed at the results.”

    ~ Nancy Smith