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Available For Sale Or Lease For Your Home Or Business

Guard dogs and protection dogs that we offer are already obedience trained, Housebroken, and Protection trained with varying degrees of training depending on your specific needs. Protection dogs for your home are safe, reliable, family friendly and well trained to insure your safety and also be a good family pet. They are just like having a normal family pet, the only difference is their ability to determine suspicious situations and their ability to deter and safely stop a potential threat without causing injury to someone or causing you liability.

two protection gurad dogs in vehicle

Guard dogs are also available for sale or lease for your business! We can provide your business with convenient delivery and pick up service, customized to your particular business hours. We also have guard dogs available for sale.

The guard dogs that we offer will STOP CRIME on your premises and prevent further theft without causing harm to any individuals or causing any liabilities. All of our protection dogs and guard dogs will eliminate and deter crime immediately! Trained dogs have been proven to be the best protection from crime.

Lifetime Guarantee


  • “Thank you very, very much for training Sparkle for me. As you know, I would not have been able to keep her without the training because she is so energetic. She is still very active at home, but controllable and is a totally different dog when she knows she is working.