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All Breed Dog Training customer testimonials. With over 44 yeard of dog training experience, you can see why so many dog owners rely on us for advice, training and breed selection. Candy Crawford has dedicated her life to training dogs, since 1974.

We can train your dog to be obedient, eliminate any and all unwanted behaviors and stop your dog from having housebreaking mistakes in your home. We will train your dog to listen and immediately respond to you and your family.

“It’s amazing how much they’ve learned in one day! Great!!”

~ Lara White

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“Very quick progress and remarkable outcome. I am most pleased.”

~ Diane Holton

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“Candy Crawford has exceeded all expectations as a Security Consultant for our company. It is our opinion that Candy Crawford has the qualifications, skills and experience necessary to do an excellent job in Security for your company.

Candy Crawford has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of Security training, protection and crime prevention. The protection dogs she provided for our business were well trained and secured our business totally from crime and potential theft.

Candy Crawford not only provided us with highly trained protective dogs, she also exceeded our expectations by patrolling and providing surveillance which was a over and beyond the job she was paid to do. She sopped our crime problem for the entire 6 months that she provided services to us. We would be enthusiastic to use her services again if ever needed and would highly recommend All Breed to anyone who needs Security Services.
Candy Crawford was reliable, trustworthy and dependable. She has wonderful people skills and worked closely with key personnel.

Candy Crawford not only secured our business, but also spent many extra hours to secure our location.

We believe that she possesses the qualifications, the desire, experience and character necessary to be a highly successful member of your security team. It is for these reasons I would like to recommend Candy Crawford with All Breed for Security Services for your company.”

~ Michael Parker
Tri Star Management, Inc.

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“This letter is written in appreciation for your and ‘Vriend’s’ assistance in providing pet therapy for our senior adults. As manager of a HUD subsidized high-rise for senior adults, I wish to thank you for taking your time to visit on a monthly basis without pay (although it was offered), for bringing your own German Shepard dogs and some of the dogs who were attending your obedience classes to visit and entertain our residents. The residents enjoyed and looked forward to your visits.

The dogs you brought to Union Avenue Baptist Towers were well behaved, well trained and minded your instructions upon command. ‘Vriend’ was especially well liked, as he was so kind and gentle to any age group, both senior adults and children, visitors and family members who may have been visiting our residents.

We would like to have you, ‘Vriend’, and any of your ‘class members’ visit our facility again, time permitting, as many of the residents have asked about you.

Thank you again for your assistance and taking your time to entertain our staff and our residents.”

~ Beverly W. Holley

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“I was totally amazed at the results.”

~ Nancy Smith

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“Absolutely fabulous! Smart, quick, and easy – Loved it and the trainer. Thanks!”

~ Cynthia McEwen

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“I am a quadriplegic due to multiple sclerosis, and I am a resident in a nursing home. Candy Crawford of All Breed trained my service dog (also named ‘Candy’), and she did a tremendous job. ‘Candy’ is trained in obedience and is also trained to open and close the door and turn off the light.

I draw with my mouth and Candy is trained to bring my mouth sticks to me and take them to a desk when I am finished. She is a joy to have and I owe a lot to Candy Crawford. She went more than the second mile in training to help both my dog and me.

I found her to have strong Christian values and would highly recommend her as a trainer.” 

~ Shirley Patton

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“Excellent training & I would recommend this training to anyone. I really appreciate Candy’s persistence.”

~ Richard A. Hunt

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“Great job. 100% change in her behavior.”

~ Dina L. Jackson

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“Thank you very, very much for training Sparkle for me. As you know, I would not have been able to keep her without the training because she is so energetic. She is still very active at home, but controllable and is a totally different dog when she knows she is working.

I have had many questions and comments about how beautiful and well-behaved Sparkle is, especially since she is so young. People see her instead of the wheelchair and my disability and they seem to be completely at ease with talking to me. She is a wonderful companion and I am so glad I can take her places with me.

So far Sparkle and I haven’t had to face any problems about entering business places. I am hoping this is a sign that business people are becoming better educated to the fact that service dogs are to be allowed anywhere that people with disabilities go. Although I am sure we will eventually meet someone who will try to stop us from entering their establishment, I am fully prepared to educate them to the law.

Yesterday we had lunch at Jillian’s at Peabody Place, then last night we went to the Orpheum. One of the ushers saw Sparkle panting during the performance and brought her a cup of water during intermission.

Thank You again for training Sparkle.”

~ Betty Anderson

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“Wish I had known about this much sooner – fantastic miracle worker!”

~ Paula D. Rushing

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